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Hotel with Spa, Nightclub - girly overnighter for 40th celebrations - any recommendations London area?

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lynniep Fri 11-Jan-13 13:19:32

Last year I found the perfect spot for my friends 40th overnighter which was the Coppid Beech in Berkshire. Extremely cheap and we were able to eat, relax and club the night away.

This is a bit far for me though - the best central location for everyone in our group is London. We are having a joint 40th this year. (and then more joint next year!!)

Can anyone recommend somewhere. It doesnt all actually have to be in the same place tbh - that just made it super -convenient as we didnt have to leave the building.

Under £100 I'm looking at (at Coppid beach we got food, bed, breakfast and all included for £85 - bargain!)

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