pontins or haven?

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twinklesparkles Wed 09-Jan-13 15:40:10

Hi folks,

Am looking at the sun holidays and thinking about booking a pontins or haven break.

Which would you reccomend? We normally go to butlins, but thought we would try one of these out this year for a change.

Our chosen area will be in, dorset, hampshire or sussex as we will be travelling by train from the isle of wight smile

It'll just be dh and I, and our ds (5) and dd who will be just a few months


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mimmytoz Wed 09-Jan-13 20:24:53

We used to go to haven as kids and it was always really good. We went to pontins in 2011 and we was going for a week but left after just 3 days, the kids entertainment was rubbish and on way to late.

Last year we went to prest haven sands in wales (I know to far for you) but we had so much fun, kids entertainment was outstanding and varied. Great pools and caravans.

I would say haven in my opinion

Pippajo Thu 10-Jan-13 12:19:23

I've not been to Haven for a while but they have a good reputation and a good selection of sites in the South whereas Pontins only the one in Sussex on the South Coast. Pontins also seem to have very varied reviews although they are cheap but don't forget that you have to take your own bed linen this year or buy it when you are there and take it home. If you are travelling by car probably not an issue to take your own but check it out if you decide to go there.
Park Resorts are getting a good reputation if you like caravans and they seem to be increasing their entertainment package - might be worth a look. Good luck and hope you have a great time wherever you choose

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