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Any recommendations for a (cheap-ish) one/two night break in a family hotel room in the UK?

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craftynclothy Sun 20-Jan-13 19:43:45

Definitely not York - it's lovely but we used to live there.

Scarborough is a possible option but we might be going camping over that way in the summer (still deciding).

I save up and use Tesco vouchers. I really like the Macdonald hotel chain - very friendly staff. I stay in Windsor (opposite castle) so centre of town and easy walking to the covered train station with restaurants and the castle. Or Savil Court and we go to Legoland (again with tesco vouchers - very reasonable). My son is 7 but we've done this now for about 3 years.

Numberlock Thu 17-Jan-13 19:56:54

I was also going to say York. There's a fab Premier Inn right in the city centre.

Is York too close to home?

Peak District?

zumo Wed 16-Jan-13 05:48:07

Some nice wales places here

We stayed here for two days last August, it was first class
Large family room on top floor, nice clean hotel good food, nice beach and pub on the beach (20 mins walk)

countydurhamlass Wed 09-Jan-13 18:09:38

Scarborough is nice, there are a few nice B&Bs around. We stay at Clarence Gardens Guest House. Have previously stayed at the HOwdale B and B a few years ago (but without our son) its basic but good value for money. its within easy walk to the town centre and there is plenty to occupy the children in scarborough, the beach, amusements, sea life centre, park, ride on the little train/hillside tram.

craftynclothy Wed 09-Jan-13 11:06:14

It's almost 10 years since Dh & I got together so we'd like to celebrate it. However we've no family near us so it has to be with the kids (3 & 5).

We're in Leeds so looking for somewhere within 2-3 hours. Not the Lake District (family live there so we get free holidays there!). Dh can't take any holiday so if it's say an hour away then we'd probably go after work on a Friday and have 2 nights but if it's further then we'd just do the Sat night.

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