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Going to Centerparcs Winter Wonderland in 12 days. Stupidly excited!

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PavlovtheCat Thu 29-Nov-12 18:06:40

Honestly I am! I have heard such mixed reports about it and honestly I am not worried but very happy to be going away with my family for 5 days.

There are going to be sparkly twinkly christmas lights and reindeers. We are going to hire bikes and cycle through the woods, go swimming every day, sleep in and not get dressed until late morning, see father christmas, go on a christmas treasure hunt, play board games, eat lots of chocolate, sit in front of an open fire and toast marshmallows. Not have to do any housework other than a bit of cleaning after eating (we have a 'maid' although pointed out to DH it is unlikely to be a long legged, long blonde haired swedish beauty). We might do some arts and crafts, we might not which means we won't

There will be no bumsex as we are not there on a friday.

It is the start of our christmas preparations and after such a difficult year filled with health problems, lack of sleep and lack of a real holiday away as a family (last trip away was marred somewhat by DS getting chicken pox half way through the long weekend).

Come and tell me all your happy stories to make me feel more excited! And give me any tips to make our trip extra special and stress free (like, we are going to take some frozen meals in tupperware to reduce the need to take every single item of condiment and food from home or buy stuff there that we just have to take back with us)

PavlovtheCat Tue 11-Dec-12 13:41:58

girly lucky! You are going to love it. Just been swimming. Lots of fun! It's very frosty, with misty breath outside, so it feels Christmassy. They have made huge efforts to make it festive, I am impressed.

There are saunas in some of the bigger accommodation, as well as a hot tub and some have games rooms too. We have a whirlpool bath with is fun enough with the little ones.

Accommodation is great, beds very comfy, housekeeping dd a great job.

girlsyearapart Tue 11-Dec-12 16:13:47

Can't wait!

Just booked Cinderella the pantomime, carriage ride, Zumba class, visit to Santa.

Also have booked mil & sil into the spa for the evening as its mils birthday.

PicaK Tue 11-Dec-12 21:59:19

Oh i'm going on Monday too - am also getting excited. Just the 3 of us though.

Have you seen the family cabanas for hire in the subtropical swimming paradise? Not worth it for us 3 but might be good for your big posse. I would def book if i were in a big group. (Under extras on the website along with car valeting).

girlsyearapart Tue 11-Dec-12 22:42:21

Yes fil booked it as his first priority!

If you're at longleat & at the pool Tuesday mornibg you ll see us there!

FairyChristmas Wed 12-Dec-12 21:27:40

Ooh we have booked Santa, the christmas tree, Christmas lunch, jet ski things on Christmas morning and treasure trail for the boys, and horse riding and princess party and pop party for DD.

Maybe that's why it was so dear blush

girlsyearapart Wed 12-Dec-12 21:49:03

But what a fab way to spend Xmas morning though?! grin

FairyChristmas Wed 12-Dec-12 23:15:45

girls am deliberately not looking up details on the carriage ride otherwise I might book that too!!

PicaK Wed 12-Dec-12 23:57:01

I've booked Cinderella, santa, iceskating, bowling and kiddies fencing (!).

I was too late to get ds in for the jetskis though, drat.

I will look out for your large posse!

girlsyearapart Thu 13-Dec-12 06:18:14

Yes we were also too late for the jet ski..

Probably a good thing. [bankrupt emotcion] !

PavlovtheCat Thu 13-Dec-12 08:58:54

We really haven't done too much. Kids have been mesmerised enough just by being here so great on our wallet. And ds is poorly with coughing bug so no enjoying the cold. We also rush around too much at home so have been enjoying really lazy mornings, cooked brekky, bike rides, swimming (kids love the pool and slides) pancakes, Santa, open fire, fireworks. Think the kids have just enjoyed us having time to sit and play with them. I painted dds nails with glitter and put jewels on them last night, present from Santa.

There is so much to do, we would be knackered trying todo it all!

Food - we had the family banquet delivered on Tuesday, pizza for kids, Indian for us. The pizza was just pizza, but the Indian was delicious. We got the standard banquet, plenty for us, with poppadum, pickles, Bahji, samosa, three mains, naan, rice, the delivery woman also set it on our table. Very luxurious!

girlsyearapart Thu 13-Dec-12 11:30:08

Ooh the Indian sounds lovely! Sil is desperate for a curry..

I am in bed with the coughing bug myself. Very inconvenient as have loads to do

PrattingAroundTheChristmasTree Thu 13-Dec-12 18:54:03

It all sounds wonderful smile

We're going to Whinfell CP from 30th Dec-2nd Jan and I'm very excited now grin

Vagaceratops Thu 20-Dec-12 13:10:19

We went last weekend and it was perfect! It wasnt stupidly busy either and the fireworks were bloody fantastic.

PicaK Thu 20-Dec-12 22:25:17

The fireworks were fab and the pantomime was hilarious.

FairyChristmas Fri 28-Dec-12 17:25:42

Just got back from Elvedon, signs were amended to read Elfedon grin.

Sparkly lights, singing reindeer, great pool, lots of time to relax and cycle - brilliant time. Seriously considering booking next year too!

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