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anyone stayed at a parks resort before????

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bettykelly123 Fri 02-Nov-12 22:01:12

ive just booked to stay at a parks resort in skipsey sands in march. we will be staying in a platinum carivan and it was really cheap. now im worried its too good to be true!!!!
has anyone any experience of park resorts. we usually go with Haven but cant afford their soaring prices.

bendertherobot Sat 01-Dec-12 18:04:11

I've been to the one on the isle of wight. It was fine. smile I thought that it was quite similar to a haven. We paid for it with Tesco vouchers. I think that we were in the cheapest type of caravan and it was fine. This was May 2010.

There was one incident whilst we were there, but it wasn't necessarily because it was a parks resort.

Ds was 2 at the time, and he escaped from the caravan the morning after our first night there. We had locked the door, but he could easily reach the handle and just twisted the lock. This was about 5am and we were still asleep.

I woke up around 6am, sneaked in a quick shower and went to check on ds. It was my worst nightmare to see his bed empty. I tore through the caravan to find the door wide open.

A frantic 5 minutes of searching the area went by before he was brought over to us in the arms of an arcade staff member. He was not even phased or upset at all, and he had been with her for an hour! He had been changed into girls pyjamas because his own were soaking wet, as he had got through a small gap in the fence to the swimming pool. Thank God it was empty but for a small puddle. I was very shaken and upset, but so relieved to have him safe and well.

He had let himself out, crossed a road, gone through the gap in the fence to the pool (the empty pool was deep and he could have fallen on the concrete), before wandering into the arcade where the female staff member found him. I dread to think what could have happened to him!

I wrote them an email afterwards about the gap in the fence. I hope that they fixed it. We put heavy cases in front of the doors every night after this, and I always get paranoid whenever we go away now.

So, if you have young children who are escape artists, just be aware. But this could have happened any where.

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