Westminster Abbey with children

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lljkk Wed 17-Oct-12 13:36:48

I am planning a day out in London. I just can't think how long the kids might last in there for. Any suggestions?

Kids are 12, 11, 8 & 4yo. Normally I might stretch to an hour or so with them in an ordinary cathedral, me or DH could possibly take one outside if they get too bored. The 8yo is the worst one for getting bored fast. 11yo & 8yo are studying "The Tudors" in school so might manage a bit longer than usual if I point out relevant tombs.

Any experience or thoughts? Do they have a kiddy activity corner of any sort like ordinary churches often have?

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lljkk Wed 17-Oct-12 13:37:32

Oh, and ps: same question about St. Pauls' cathedral. Though I think we'll give the interior a miss completely, but will reconsider if anyone says it's great to visit with kids.

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AuntieStella Wed 17-Oct-12 13:40:54

Westminster Abbey has a leaflet with a children's quiz for them to do as they go round (which gets them looking at the most interesting bits). The audio guide (included in entry price) is pretty good too.

If your DCs watch Horrible Histories, they'll like seeing the tombs of historical figures they'll have heard of.

Drawback is that it can be really crowded at times.

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