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Centerparcs after New Year for a few it a let down or is the christmas magic still there/exciting?

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mummatotwo Thu 11-Oct-12 20:26:11

we just cant afford to go between christmas and NY or before Christmas as we usually do as have too much on work wise.

Noticed they are doing short breaks just after NY for 2 nights...has anyone done this - has the magic of Christmas/NY disappeared -what do u think?

PicaK Tue 30-Oct-12 18:33:02

We usually go to longleat just after NY. They strip the place of most of the winterwonderland stuff by the end of the first day. The lights go in the main center etc after about 7pm.

So we've always got there early to enjoy them! It still feels wintery because the snowy trees don't get taken away.

You certainly notice the difference between the types of car departing after one of the most expensive breaks and arriving for one of the cheapest!

But we love it!

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