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best way to travel in London this weekend ??

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outinthesticksmummy Thu 11-Oct-12 10:23:44


Me and Dh off to London this weekend - ON OUR OWN !!! so excited... we are leaving on Fri afternnon and coming home Sunday afternoon. Am a bit confused with travelcards v oyster cards ?? not sure which works out best for the weekend ??

We are staying the The City Grange Hotel near Tower Bridge .....train coming into kings cross...Got dinner booked at the Hilton Docklands and matinee show of We Will Rock YOu need to travela bout a bit in zones 1-2 i think ???

any advice ??

outinthesticksmummy Thu 11-Oct-12 11:32:50

seen a 3 day travel card for 16.40 ??

outinthesticksmummy Thu 11-Oct-12 19:05:56


cestlavielife Fri 12-Oct-12 15:08:51

just get a pay as you go oyster card it will be capped for each day so jsut put on it enough to cover each day

go on the cable car from north greeenwich i a s an extra 3.60 eaach way i think but worth it for the views

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