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amck5700 Mon 08-Oct-12 23:32:39

heading to Newcastle for 3 nights at the October Hols - planning to stop and see Bamburgh castle on the way down and possibly a bit of Hadrian's wall on the way back up - thought we'd do Beamish one day and looking for suggestions for day2 plus any good places to eat/things to do in the evening.

We have two boys age 12 and 11.

TIA smile

DrSeuss Tue 09-Oct-12 21:46:21

Alnwick Castle?
Surfing at Gateshead Leisure Centre?
Tynemouth Aquarium?
Metro Centre?

crazymum53 Wed 10-Oct-12 17:07:37

Museums: Discovery museum (free), Hancock museum (free), Life Centre (Science - paying).
National Trust properties e.g. Cragside in Northumberland.
Roman museum at Wallsend gives lots of info about Hadrian's wall.
If they are keen on football - tours of St James Park are possible.
Where to eat: We tend to for take-aways e.g. very good fish and chips at the Fish Quay (North Shields).
Like the restaurant by the University theatre. They may have a suitable productions on over half term.

Indith Wed 10-Oct-12 17:19:29

You'll have a fab time at Beamish smile

The free museums in Newcastle are brilliant so as crazy said you could do those, especially if the weather is not great. In terms of National Trust places Gibside is very good for an explore in nice weather. Depending on what days you are down they also do beer garden/music in the evenings if that is your cup of tea. Not sure about evenings otherwise, mine are little so we tend not to go out in the evenings.

amck5700 Wed 10-Oct-12 19:37:18

Wow, thanks for the replies - i'll be googling away tonight sorting out our itinery. We are going midweek so probably not a lot of music etc on, but maybe do a cinema trip one evening. Not football fans so we will give the Football ground a miss but the other suggestions look great.

Thanks again.

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