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CP . Will they know if dd is over 2 years /

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Fakeblondie Sat 06-Oct-12 18:10:43

Weve been to sherwood for the last couple of years so Centre Parcs will have some basic info.
The thing is we really really dont need a 3rd room for her because she is still co sleeping.
Last year with her being 12 months we were fine with 2 beds-dd 15 and ds 8 shared a room happily in twin beds and dd slept with us .
This year because she is 2 we have to pay extra for a 3rd room when she is still in with us-just seems a bit of a waste of money.
If i put that she is under 2 do you think i could get into trouble or just pay up and have an empty room.
The other 2 btw love bunking in together its a novelty on hol for them.

liability Sun 07-Oct-12 09:09:54

put under 2, they won't know and don't check. As she is just 2 even if they glance in the car it won't be obvious.

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