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Any recommendations for reasonable priced romantic night away / hotel, in Liverpool or Birmingham .

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Fakeblondie Sat 06-Oct-12 13:33:59

Not a very romantic destination i know ! but not had a night on our own for 22 years fgs !
Need to do Christmas shopping and now have a fabulous nanny who has offerred to have dd overnight. With 4 dc spanning over 20 years we have never ever had a night out together so if we are to stay overnight i dont want to do the travelodge but am not prepared to spend a fortune either.
We`d just like a nice room and maybe a few extras like a hotel spa ?
Thanks hopefully x

ThreeWheelsGood Sun 21-Oct-12 04:54:41

Depends on budget - I'd recommend Malmaison (stayed in the one in Brum but Liverpool looks lovely too). Go for a b+b deal as their breakfast is ace! They have good deals on their website.

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