Where to stay near Southampton?

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Slainte Sun 16-Sep-12 14:50:10

Hi. I'm going to Southampton in a couple of weeks time with my DH and DD (20 months) for IVF treatment. 

We're treating it as a little holiday too and going to take in Peppa pig world and Longdown Activity Farm etc but we've no idea which area we should stay in for approx 10 days self catering. We'll have a car with us so want to stay out of the town centre but be in a non-isolated area so that we are handy enough to do some day trips.

Any recommendations gratefully received.


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Slainte Mon 17-Sep-12 17:23:49

I've now also posted this in chat as hadn't received any responses.

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TwelveLeggedWalk Mon 17-Sep-12 17:41:53

New Forest is touristy but lovely so you should have lots of options, try Lyndhurst/Brockenhurst.

TwelveLeggedWalk Mon 17-Sep-12 17:42:26

And good luck!

Slainte Mon 17-Sep-12 20:32:19

Thanks Twelve thanks

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Virgil Mon 17-Sep-12 20:33:25

Definitely the new forest. It's lovely and not far at all from

Sam100 Mon 17-Sep-12 20:34:11

There is a holiday place in the new forest called sandy balls, never been there, no idea what it is like but always wanted to send a postcard from there! grin

Slainte Tue 18-Sep-12 19:19:24

Brilliant - DH and I having a good giggle about that, nearly tempted to go there just to tell people we stayed in Sandy Balls grin

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chicaguapa Thu 20-Sep-12 12:22:42

I would have thought Fordingbridge to Southampton every day for IVF would be a bit of a pain. Have you looked at holidaylettings or similar? There aren't any isolated areas around Southampton, it's all quite built up and/or near a motorway so you can get around fairly quickly. Unless you're in the New Forest where it takes an age! But I would consider being close to Southampton if you're going to have to go in for blood tests/ scans most days.

Slainte Thu 20-Sep-12 14:29:22

Thanks Chica we only need to go there for collection and transfer as we're doing all the rest at a satellite clinic.

Think we've decided on Winchester.

Thanks to all for your help.

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out2lunch Thu 20-Sep-12 14:30:52

winchester is lovely - hope all goes well

TwelveLeggedWalk Thu 20-Sep-12 14:31:15


TwelveLeggedWalk Thu 20-Sep-12 14:31:30

Ah, too late!

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