Nice place to stay in Scotland nearish Glasgow/Troon

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Saritabean Tue 28-Aug-12 04:44:32

Going to big family wedding this weekend in Troon, and DH has a few days off work, so gonna make a mini-break of it. DD is 15 weeks old (corrected) and EBF, was prem and v small so still feeding 2-3 hrly (sad)! So with her waking up at night crying for feeds, not sure small hotel/b&b is very sociable for other people. Wondered about cottages/camping -in a campervan- (feeling brave!!!) and wanted to go somewhere in a pretty village with a pub (with good food) with walks nearby, either coastal or foresty/lake etc.... Any ideas very much appreciated as we've totally left it to the last minute to book hmm!!

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Saritabean Tue 28-Aug-12 05:48:58


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lucidlady Tue 28-Aug-12 06:42:17

Try Loch Lomond or Argyll?

Geordieminx Tue 28-Aug-12 06:44:01

Ayr? Largs? Loch Lomond?

Geordieminx Tue 28-Aug-12 06:45:46

Although personally with a 15 week old I would book into a lovely hotel, and enjoy some pampering and not worry one jot about disturbing anyone. Troon Marina hotel is lovely!

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