North west to south west - where to stop halfway?

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stressheaderic Sat 11-Aug-12 19:18:49

We are going to Cornwall on holiday in 2 weeks, from Merseyside. We want to break up the journey so it is more bearable for 2.5yo DD.

We're looking for somewhere to stay for one night (on a Sunday) which is half way ish, somewhere off the M5 probably. We did fancy Bath but it's super expensive. Just somewhere to have a pleasant meal, a pleasant stay and something pretty where DD can stretch her legs. Any thoughts?

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HaitchJay Sat 11-Aug-12 19:25:26

Riverside travelodge in Bath is ok , only over the river to go into the main shopping area so places to eat there.

HaitchJay Sat 11-Aug-12 19:26:23

Don't stay at the central one though as its noisy!

HarrietSchulenberg Sat 11-Aug-12 19:32:01

What about Wells? About 10 miles off M5 and quiet. Plenty of nice B&Bs about.

mammadothebump Sat 11-Aug-12 19:50:32

Ok, not the cheapest but just wanted to recommend tortworth court hotel which is about a minute from jct 14 of m5. I've done the journey from Merseyside in about 3 1/2 hours so you might want to stop further south but its a beautiful hotel in a nice cotswoldy location.

stressheaderic Sat 11-Aug-12 19:51:15

I don't know much about Wells at all but it looks lovely. I'm busy exploring all options!

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sashh Mon 13-Aug-12 08:56:55



Is Stafford to far North? There is Holiday Inn Express just off Junction 13 of the M6. One side of the M6 roundanout is the hotela nd a pub on the same sight, the other side is a field that always seems to have cows in it, and opposite is countryside.

sashh Mon 13-Aug-12 08:58:09

Forgot to say I have never stayed an the holiday inn in Stafford, I just used to pass it on the way to and from work.

starlings383 Mon 13-Aug-12 15:50:24

Bristol? There's a travel lodge out near Cribbs Causeway which is good because you have all the food places out there but you don't have to go into the city itself, so you don't come too far off course! Can't remember the name unfortunately but if you google I'm sure it'd come up.

CMOTDibbler Mon 13-Aug-12 15:56:37

I'd stay at Bristol, esp as then you get an early start on the worst bit of the journey. Would put you about half way too.

CurlyhairedAssassin Tue 21-Aug-12 16:30:02

just wanted to say that a stopover in August from Merseyside to Cornwall now seems an essential part of a holiday. We have travelled to Cornwall many a time and just got too sick of the traffic - our record was 9 hours stuck in the car from Liverpool. Would never do it again in August without leaving about 6am or doing a stopover, it's just too risky. It might be fine, or it might be hell. So you're doing the right thing.

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