Late Availability - Sennen Cove!!

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marmitesandwiches Fri 27-Jul-12 14:08:31

Hi there,

Hoping someone might be interested in taking on our holiday let in Sennen Cove. My husband has been taken into hospital and we are therefore having to pull out sad. Has been a terrible year for us as I am still undergoing radiotherapy for breast cancer in the same hospital.

Our house is booked for the week commencing 4 August. It is advertised on the website

See Captain's View.

Sennen Cove is a fantastic place for anyone with a young family. We were really looking forward to going (my treat for getting through chemo and rads). Ah well, perhaps later in the summer.

If anyone is interested, please contact the owner via the site.

Thanks for reading.


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Ormiriathomimus Fri 27-Jul-12 14:11:25

Oh marmite, what a shame sad I'd love to as I love that part of Cornwall but we are already booking into a place near St Ives.

Sorry to hear about you and your DH's health problems.

Fakeblondie Sat 28-Jul-12 12:07:56

I`m so sorry for you and whats happening.
I might be interested can you tell me what the cost is for the week please ?

Iheartpasties Sat 28-Jul-12 12:09:40

Sennen cove is beyond beautiful. Sorry you cant go.

marmitesandwiches Sat 28-Jul-12 19:47:57

Thanks everyone for your thoughts!

Fakeblondie -it's back on at £460, which is less than we paid. It is a really beautiful place. Huge sandy beach, lovely cafe. <sigh>
We've stayed there quite a few times before and will be back.

Am thinking of starting to do lottery - our luck must turn soon and in a big way!

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