Looking for family friendly to stay at the beach but also near a train station.

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MrClaypole Fri 22-Jun-12 12:53:39

Has anyone got any suggestions for a family friendly place to stay? Have 2 DC aged 5 years and 5 months old.

It must be walking distance to a beach and near to a train station as we will be getting the train from London.

Many thanks!

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loulou4 Fri 22-Jun-12 16:54:47

have stayed here before and it is fab. couple mins walk from station and five minutes or so from the beach. steep hill tho'! couple of mins on the train and you can be in st ives. the beach is amazing.

the apartment is well kitted out for families & an internet shop saved a lot of hassle!!

apartment in carbis bay

if its out of budget or booked then take a look on owners direct for something else in the area as it is such a lovely place

EdithWeston Fri 22-Jun-12 17:06:39

You can get to Cromer from Liverpool Street (change at Norwich) - good for old fashioned style beach holiday. And you can strike out to other bits of north Norfolk from there easily by train/bus.

MrClaypole Fri 22-Jun-12 20:40:51

Thank you very much for your ideas, that apartment looks lovely but is sadly booked up for the weeks I need to go!

Will go and research Cromer and St Ives now!

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ThunderboltKid Fri 22-Jun-12 20:43:24

Ooh I came on to suggest Carbis Bay as well! It's lovely and the train is great to get into st Ives

QueenElizaBeatHer Fri 22-Jun-12 20:48:58

Southend-on-Sea, in my opinion, is the coolest place in the world smile

DamselInDisgrace Fri 22-Jun-12 20:51:53

Go north? Northumberland is absolutely beautiful. Alnmouth has a mainline train station and lovely beaches. You can get trains direct from kings cross.

craigslittleangel Fri 22-Jun-12 20:57:15

Whitstable. We go there each year, and my DD loves.

However I will now be looking at some of the other suggestions as well.

nannyl Sat 23-Jun-12 18:08:44


BigBoobiedBertha Sat 23-Jun-12 18:12:40

I was going to say Weymouth

And also Exmouth. The station is pretty central and there are lots of beaches.

MrClaypole Sat 23-Jun-12 20:51:13

Thanks so much for all your suggestions.

We went to Whitstable last year and loved it and I have spent much time on the gorgeous Northumberland coast (I'm from those parts).

I'm afraid I really disliked Southend when I went there Queen!

Weymouth looks just the job - not too far on the train, nice beach and lots to do when if it rains.

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PandaNot Sat 23-Jun-12 20:52:28


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