Paultons Park / Peppa Pig World by train? Hotel options?

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shubiedoo Fri 25-May-12 21:29:22

We live in Canada but make a trip every year to Ireland (in-laws are there.) This year we are going to London as well, the first week of August. I thought of taking my two smaller ones, 5 and 3, to Peppa Pig World for a couple of days while the eldest enjoys the museums and Olympic atmosphere with his dad! My mother-in-law might fly over with a 5 year old cousin to join us.
Is Paultons Park far from Southampton station? What are the accommodation options when you don't have a car? We don't have frequent trains where we live, so it will be exciting for our kids to travel that way too.
Thanks everyone!

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CharminglyOdd Fri 25-May-12 22:46:06

I've never been but here it says that you can either catch a taxi from the two local stations (4 miles) or there's a direct bus service Monday to Saturday from nearby Southampton main railway station.

If you aren't familiar with British rail prices be aware that you can book your tickets in advance (they sell from 12 weeks ahead and I recommend this website to get an idea of prices as the results page shows you all possible prices of tickets, even if the cheap ones have sold, so you have a relative idea of what is on offer and if you need to change date/time). Advance tickets can be much, much cheaper but you are then forced to catch the booked train - if you miss it by being late to the station or you catch the wrong train then you'll have to buy another ticket. Tickets bought on the day are more ££ but have total flexibility.

If you don't have a car then a hotel in Southampton may be best (Travelodge are fairly cheap and fine if you don't spend any real time in them, I don't know if there's one in Southampton though). Other Mumsnetters may have a better idea on that front. Hope you have a good trip! smile

shubiedoo Fri 25-May-12 23:25:58

Thanks a lot! Good to know about the trains too.

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LittenTree Sun 10-Jun-12 22:11:27

The Vine Inn, Ower, is pretty close to PP, and has accommodation. Sorry I can't link on this stupid iPad!

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