Alternatives to Center parcs?

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slipperandpjsmum Fri 06-Apr-12 15:48:15

Has anyone found anywhere? I was just looking on the website and its soooo expensive. We have been before but its going to be around £1000 this summer.

Any ideas?

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Sabriel Sat 07-Apr-12 14:45:08

Centre Parcs in Belgium and Holland are about 1/2 the price of the UK ones. Even adding on the cost of the ferry/ Shuttle you pay a lot less.

t0lk13n Sun 08-Apr-12 08:36:48

Yes but some of the parcs abroad have been open for over 25 years and need refits imo. However it does make excellent base for exploring. We went to one in Holland in October and we visited Cologne, Arnhem and various other places.
Bluestone in Pembrokeshire is similar but smaller ...unsure about prices.

shelsco Sat 14-Apr-12 19:06:06

Haven't been myself but my neighbours swears by butlins. they've been to CPs and say that Butlins similar but everything included so not paying extra for activities. Pay per person whioch for them as a family of four works out more economical. Haven't been myself so can't really comment, just passing on what i heard. they've been to butlins 2 years running now. said kids loved it.

emummy Sat 14-Apr-12 19:09:12

We have often gone to a Hoseasons park. They vary from quiet ones to full-on family activities and are all over the country. Different accommodations, from caravans to lodges, and usually a fair bit cheaper than Center Parcs. We haven't been disappointed with them yet

flagnogbagnog Sat 14-Apr-12 19:59:46

I would highly recommend bluestone in Pembrokeshire. It's local to me, so we use the facilities there and they really are excellent. There are some really cracking family days out very close by but also it's very close to Tenby and the beach etc. The accommodation there is cracking too.

it's certainly not cheaper than centre parks if you go online and try to book. In fact the prices are daft. But they regularly have special offers. We stayed there for a week in Feb for £100. If you 'like' their facebook page, they regularly update it with cut price offers. At the moment you can go for 5 days at the end of April for £149 by quoting a certain code.

Also, I know some people who have got substantial discount over the phone just by asking.

Voidka Sun 15-Apr-12 10:17:32

I wouldnt put Butlins in the same league as CP.

I agree with Bluestone - it looks fab. You could also try Parkdean.

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