Youth hostels. Are they all family friendly?

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mckenzie Sat 31-Mar-12 18:02:04

I would like to ate the DCs somewhere these holidays without DH. We don't mind basic accommodation etc, it would only be for 1 or 2 nights, so DS suggested a youth hostel. I have no experience of them. Do you?


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oldteacher Mon 02-Apr-12 13:45:40

Some of them are more geared up for families than others, so you need to check the website for suggestions in the area that you want to go to. We have been to quite a few now and had a great time at them all. Some of the facilities were better than others (in terms of toys/equipment available, kitchen space, etc) but they were all at least adequate. Where abouts are you thinking of, and what are the ages of your DC?

An0therName Mon 02-Apr-12 15:49:55

depends on ages of kids - we stayed in one in lakes - it was fine but kids were only 4 and under one - for olders ones over 5 would imagine if they have family rooms they would be fine

mckenzie Mon 02-Apr-12 18:26:30

Thanks for the replies. DCs are 7 and 10. Have you ever been to the ones in central London? Or Cambridge? OR Oxford?

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Oakmaiden Mon 02-Apr-12 18:29:50

I've been to St Pauls in London, with a 6, 7 and 13 year old.

It was - um - OK. No real facilities, obviously shared toilet and shower rooms and no communal kitchen - you had to eat in their restaurant (or out, obviously). Quite noisy and not very comfortable.

But within those limitations it was a place to rest our weary heads in central London that didn't cost a fortune.

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