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WeeKirkie Wed 21-Mar-12 01:12:38

Really shocked while filling in this form it came to a point that said it cost £115 for one year membership? What the hell? This is supposed to save me money and it's my home! Why should I pay some nameless person £115 to swap my home for someone elses with no gaurantee that anyone will take me up on it? Saving money, I don't think so! Was very disappointed that this is what this is all about. Actually disappointed that the mumsnet team is promoting this crap! How much money do they feel we can willingly give away for nothing but a vague promise in return? Lots of promises of Australia, and many other destinations, where is the proof of this? Please tell me I am not insane for feeling this way?

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overthemill Tue 03-Apr-12 21:40:05

i also think it's expensive as it doesn't really provide that much does it? We used to have an informal list on here but don't know if it still exists. I think the NCT do one for about £30?

annieapple7 Thu 12-Apr-12 12:18:02

I was similarly unimpressed - must be US site as prices in dollars.
I would want to swap with Mumsnet members.
And as we may only want to swap once or twice or year, £115 is a shocker.
I was also looking for an informal list - I am sure that must be a demand for it.

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