Anyone stayed at Billing Aquadrome or anywhere else near to Gullivers Kingdom?

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badtasteflump Thu 15-Mar-12 11:35:21

We want to stay in the area for a few nights so we have a day or so at Gullivers and time to look around the area (Woburn Safari Park, etc). There is a campsite at Gullivers but I don't fancy staying in a tent or a 'hut' with no facilities with young DC. So I then found a place called Billing Aquadrome, with lodges and caravans to hire, on Hoseason's website. Obviously all good reviews on their site, but on Tripadvisor there are some hideous and quite scary ones!

Has anyone stayed there? And if not, where else has anyone stayed when visiting the area?

Thanks smile

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Fakeblondie Fri 16-Mar-12 00:33:27

Billing is fine . we've stayed there a couple of times.

pinkkoala Sat 17-Mar-12 22:55:15

i live in northampton, billing aquadrome is ok, it has recently had a fair bit of money spent building new facilities. there is also two pubs just outside the site that do good food reasonably priced, billing mill pub for me i think is the nicest.

JaneMare Sat 17-Mar-12 23:02:36

i've not stayed at Billing, but living nearby i know it's very popular.

i'd definitely rent a lodge or caravan and not camp there as the facilities are rather hit and miss. if you have a lodge you have your own toilet...

GeekLove Sat 17-Mar-12 23:04:51

At the risk of sounding dense what exactly is there at Billing Aquadromw? Can you there for a day out? Are there water sports facilities there. Ive been thinking of going there but the website seems rather vague if your not about to part with your money there and then.

JaneMare Sat 17-Mar-12 23:13:30

really? honestly? not a lot really sad

we only go if there's an event on - the Northampton Balloon festival is based there now

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