Where to celebrate 70th in UK

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JETS Sun 11-Mar-12 07:55:16

My mum is 70 next April and wants a family get together - criteria - "good food" - anyone recommend ANYWHERE! in UK for about 13/14 people......

Many thx

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legoballoon Sun 11-Mar-12 08:02:51

Depends what part of the UK you want to look at, and what your budget is, to be honest.

For example, if you're Dorset way, this is great, and very reasonably priced:
www.tawnyswinebar.co.uk/ If you're central England and have money to blow, try Le Manoir aux Quatre Saisons in Oxfordshire. A few specifics would help recommendations.

JETS Sun 11-Mar-12 08:10:05

Thx legoballoon - the specifics are the problem - she really doesnt mind where & budget high for the right thing as we will all chip in. Central UK sounds good as we are coming from London, Manchester and Norwich. But none of us mind travelling really.....

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fivegomadindorset Sun 11-Mar-12 08:13:35


Where in Dorset is Tawnys Wine bar, didn't have any indication on the website.

legoballoon Sun 11-Mar-12 19:36:57

Tis in Swanage. Scrumptious food, family friendly, 3 course evening dinner with a bottle of vino for about £50 per couple.

Le Manoir is excellent - but about look to pay about 4 times that. They do have private dining rooms too and a walled garden that you can hire if you can afford it.

Zhx3 Wed 14-Mar-12 22:56:57

A friend recommended the Sharrow Bay Hotel - famous for its sticky toffee pudding smile.

One of my most memorable dining experiences was at The Torridon Hotel. But it's a long way north, especially for the people coming from Norwich and London.

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