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Are there other hotels in others parts of the country which are similar to Bedruthan Steps?

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lovingthecoast Thu 23-Feb-12 20:19:56

Hiya, been to BS a couple of times and kids loved it. Really practical with the kids. Want to do a uk hol again this year but would like to try somewhere other than Cornwall. Just wondered if there were hotels with a similar child-friendly set-up anywhere else.
Any recommendations appreciated. Thanks

lovingthecoast Thu 23-Feb-12 21:01:37


lovingthecoast Fri 24-Feb-12 12:45:28

another bump

FaithHopeAndKevin Fri 24-Feb-12 13:01:53

These: - not a hotel - cottages

lovingthecoast Fri 24-Feb-12 13:10:06

Thank you FH&K! I will have a look through them. Its just that you hear about BS all the time but I never hear about other similar hotels elsewhere. smile

lovingthecoast Mon 27-Feb-12 14:16:20

Just a quick bump in case anyone else has any ideas.
Faith, those links were really useful, thank you. smile

MiniMover Fri 22-Apr-16 20:23:08

Bumping this old thread as I'm looking for something similar. We loved Bedruthan the last 2yrs but want to try somewhere else but with the same type of child friendly facilities such as the pool and climbing frame, zip wire and easy buffet food.
Bedruthan can't be the only such hotel in the country, surely? If they are, I'm moving into the hotel business.

MiniMover Fri 22-Apr-16 20:43:18


MiniMover Sat 23-Apr-16 17:38:51


ThunderboltKid Sat 23-Apr-16 21:57:35

Headland hotel in Newquay is amazing...and any of the luxury family hotels chain.

MiniMover Sun 24-Apr-16 11:49:35

Thanks, TBK
We'd like to go somewhere other than Cornwall this year but I had a look and it does look great. We'd need to stay in one of the cottages though and there's no availability for Aug.

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