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Sexonlegs Sat 18-Feb-12 21:57:00

Hello smile

We are considering a working farm holiday this summer, and wondered if anyone can point me in the direction of a decent place and/or website please!


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Ponders Sat 18-Feb-12 22:09:53 it happens...

by coincidence I've discovered the Animal Planet prog Farm Life this week, filmed on Warborne Farm in the New Forest - it was made in 2008, screened in monthly episodes (ie each episode covered 1 month), fascinating programme & it looks like a proper farm.

Anyway I googled the place today & this summer they are doing holiday cottages for the first time - possibly because the downturn in the economy meant they had to close the farm organic shop sad

there are 2 barns to rent & atm both are available most of the year

obv they're new to this game but going by the open days etc shown on the prog they are very hospitable & friendly & fun - they have 3 kids of their own, aged 10, 9 & 6 - it would be an experience!

Ponders Sat 18-Feb-12 22:21:57

there's a short trailer for the programme here smile

Sexonlegs Sun 19-Feb-12 12:14:48

Thanks Ponders. It looks lovely. Only thing is, it's only about 30 mins from where we live; was kind of looking further afield- Devon or Cornwall or Wales.

Anyone else?

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Ponders Sun 19-Feb-12 12:27:16

oh it is? you'd be popping home every day from there then grin

what a shame!

Ponders Sun 19-Feb-12 12:36:04

Bosinver Farm Cottages highly recommended in the MN travel section

UK & Ireland reviews

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