Half-term Mon-Fri holiday let, Hampshire/Kent/Sussex area - anyone?

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stillfrazzled Wed 08-Feb-12 21:04:14

DH isn't allowed to take leave this summar (Olympics) so thought we'd go away June half term. Have boys of 4 and 1 so want to keep it simple and stay in UK.

Fancy a nice house or cottage, somewhere nice in Kent/Hampshire/Sussex with things nearby we can do with the DSs.

Can't leave till Sunday, and despite loads of research DH can't find ANYWHERE nice that will accept a Mon-Fri booking. He's in despair so I said I would consult the collective wisdom of Mumsnet :-)

Can anyone rescue our one chance at a family holiday?

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Ruthiebabes Wed 08-Feb-12 21:25:11

I have just checked online with a company we have used a few times for holiday cottages- they feature lovely, good quality cottages.


I put in your dates and there are several options from the Monday to Friday of half term. I am sure you will find something suitable on there.

Lizcat Wed 08-Feb-12 22:04:43

Many will be holding out for full week bookings for half term at this point. There will be properties avaliable nearer the time (there always are) and agents will take short lets. We have a property on the IOW and we only take short lets in June within 2 weeks of start date. This year there has been a really slow start to bookings, which will make them even more likely to hold out.
So yes you will get a holiday, just not able to book it yet.

mummymeister Thu 09-Feb-12 19:30:49

Agree with Liz all the cottages will hold out to get a full week so you either have to 1) book a week and stay less 2) hold out until the last minute and hope you find something that isnt let and will therefore take shorter than a weeks let. however option 2 is v risky as you end up with the places no one else wants! Have a look at lastminute-cottages.co.uk and see what there is on there. there is also a website called next6weeks.com that is pretty good and we have used before. you could also try a small 1or 2 room b and b like a farmstay. they might want to take less than a week. good luck.

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