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flossygirl Tue 17-Jan-12 16:55:03

farm self catering cottage ideas for oakhampton area please........

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Lilymaid Tue 17-Jan-12 16:57:20

Do you mean Okehampton (Devon)?

flossygirl Tue 17-Jan-12 17:43:02

oh yes! "Okehampton" in Devon....

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wheredidiputit Tue 17-Jan-12 19:41:23

We've stayed here before.

It very nice and quite.

flossygirl Tue 17-Jan-12 21:03:20

looks lovely, thanks wheredidiputit

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wheredidiputit Tue 17-Jan-12 22:04:53

Thanks Flossygirl.

Now if I can find the same on the Isle of Wright I be happy.

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