any sailing mums? what to do for me and dc's whilst dh is sailing?

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mummeeee Tue 27-Dec-11 23:09:37

am well in advance here, but just looking for ideas and suggestions

dh is a good sailor and it's something he enjoys. he has a laser dinghy and sails locally (we live by a good sailing club (no coincidence smile )
he would like to do events, in particular in 2012 the laser masters nationals for 3 days in July in Paignton, Devon.

That's quite a journey for us, and we have a motorhome, so we could go as a family. Obviously, the trouble is he'll be sailing all day and I think I'll find it hard to be with the children all day (in Jul 2012 they'll be aged dd 4.1, ds 2.3)

Am trying to think of things we can do (and so I won't resent dh for being out on a boat all day whilst I take care of the children).

Ideas so far
(a) let him go alone and stay at home (although he goes away quite a bit for work anyway and I find it hard, so think I would end up getting a bit fed up and resenting him going away - we have no extended family close by, so I would be alone with the kids)
(b) go to Paignton too, but think I would find long days with the children hard work - prob camping out of town with the motorhome, so would be bus journey to beach etc. Also, sailing is notoriously weather dependent (light winds, dh back to campsite v late etc)
(c) hang around at the sailing club all day (dc's a bit young to enjoy it and would prob just feel like I was waiting for him to finish)
(d) invite others (don't know anyone going to same event with similar age kids - have done some internet searching for relevant forums but with no success - can anyone help?)
(e) meet up with other families there - single parents on holiday for instance - but would they see me as a bit of an interloper in that I am not really single, just on my own with kids for a few days whilst on holiday

Does anyone have similar experience and any advice/tips/websites where I could meet other families in a similar situation?

Ideally, dh would like to go at least once a year, but unless I can find a way for it to happen which would would also be fun for me and the children I can see me resenting it.

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PeelingmyselfofftheCeiling Tue 27-Dec-11 23:30:07

I suggest your dh ditches the masters and does a more family friendly regatta week instead. I know some (off the top of my head I think abersoch and Chichester fed week) organise their days so parents sail morning or afternoon abs have the other free (when junior classes race).
A sailing magazine does an annual guide to all of these kind of events - google Yachts and Yachting and call for a back issue of their Summer Race Week guide for some ideas.

serin Wed 28-Dec-11 22:46:01

My DH is very into birdwatching, he would disappear off on holidays and leave me with our 3 (had 3 under 5!) TBH I always found it easier away from home as there was so much to occupy them!

Get yourself a good campsite with a play park and maybe a splashpool, go for nice walk,take their bikes/your bike and a tag a long. Have a picnic and let them help you make it, take their colouring in/art activities.

Its not as daunting as it sounds smile and remember when you get back he owes you one!!

seeker Wed 28-Dec-11 22:57:44

How many days are we talking about here? It sounds like a week a year. Are you really saying you think that's unreasonable? I would either stay home or arrange a week away with friends yourself at the same time.

Mrsrobertduvall Sat 31-Dec-11 15:10:53

My dh sails too but I have never gone along.
I would stay at home with friends around and make sure you plan something nice to do yourself.

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