Nice b&b in Cambridge?

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Ktay Thu 10-Nov-11 20:15:38

Am contemplating tagging along on dh's work trip to Cambridge on sun night for last hurrah weekend away before dd2 arrives. Lots of the nondescript corporate hotels have space but can anyone recommend a nice b&b please? Alternatively, the felix is offering a good rate, anyone been there? Thanks for any top tips...

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Lilymaid Thu 10-Nov-11 20:31:42

Cambridge isn't a great place for B&Bs so I'd go for Hotel Felix if the rate is good. It isn't in the centre of town but neither are most of the B&Bs.

Ktay Thu 10-Nov-11 21:12:20

Thanks Lily - maybe we'll go with that then. Not planning on doing much to-ing and fro-ing so distance not that big an issue.

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Ktay Fri 11-Nov-11 09:10:28

Bumping in unlikely event anyone is privy to top-secret hidden gem cambridge b&b info...

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ProfYaffle Fri 11-Nov-11 09:14:43

I agree with Lilymaid, I've spent many hours trying to find nice B&B's in Cambridge. I stayed here which was .... adequate. But no dinner facilities and no nice restaurants nearby.

Hotel in the centre of town would be a much better idea.

Ktay Fri 11-Nov-11 17:23:47

Thanks ProfYaffle. 'Adequate' looks like a fair summation based on the piccies...

DH seems to think his work expenses policy is compatible with the Hotel du Vin, so I have happily binned any further research into alternatives. But if anyone is interested and needing a room in Cam on Sunday night, what appears to be the Crowne Plaza is coming up as a 'top secret' option on for £59 room only...

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SammyHills Wed 14-Dec-11 09:37:48

Have a look at there are few nice ones to choose

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