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UK pre-Christmas family friendly hotel - where?

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bringinghomethebaguette Sun 23-Oct-11 21:02:46

Looking for 4 nights 19th - 23rd Dec. Centre parcs would be the sort of thing but too expensive for what it is (s/c, nothing included). We have been to CP before for £200-£350 for a midweek break and I really wouldn't want to pay more than that because we like eating out a lot and paying for lots of activities for the kids. Currently this Christmas is about £550. Thinking of booking in advance for next year as its only £300ish. So that's next year sorted.

Where this year? Bluestone looks good but a bit far away. So now thinking a family friendly hotel which has lots of Christmassy stuff on..... can anyone recommend anywhere? We are about an hour north of London and don'd want to be in the car for much more than 3 hours. Not too keen on remote cottages with kids climbing up the walls.....

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