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Travelodge website is driving me INSANE!

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Blu Sun 09-Oct-11 12:22:54

The Travelodge website has always been a bit crap. Now they have a new one and it is worse.
Loads of buttons don't work in Explorer, Firefox says the Travelodge site does not offer a secure connection for booking, you cannot submit a query without a reservation number....which given that the top question you can ask is 'I am TRYING to make a booking' means that you are stuck in a Kafaka-esque nightmare of no booking, now way to tell them you cannot make a booking...

And after spending a couple of £ on their 10p a minute phoneline I am no further forward.

Oh well - that's it, I'm an EX Travelodge customer, we'll drive home late instead.

Blu Sun 09-Oct-11 12:42:51

OK, I have used DP's Mac and made it work in Safari.

I know you have all been furious, sad and frustrated n my behalf - you can get back to enjoying yor Sunday now! grin

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