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HELP - Need to find somewhere to stay for 2 nights in the Isle of wight.....

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MorningCoffee Fri 30-Sep-11 07:06:39

Can anyone help, need somewhere to stay for 2 nights from tonight and leave sunday am, don't mind holiday park,caravan, hotel, price about £160 for both nights if possible there are 2 adults and 2 children, ferry is booked from portsmouth to gun wharf for tonight! any suggestions would be great, it's just a base really to sleep.


LIZS Fri 30-Sep-11 08:42:36

Watching with interest and do let us know if you find anywhere nice. May go at half term. There is a travelodge but would prefer somewhere a bit less impersonal.

Lizcat Fri 30-Sep-11 14:49:19

Try Wight locations they have many properties discounted for short breaks at the moment - I got an e-mail today. As one of their landlords I know they always try to sort people out even at ultra short notice.

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