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Family friendly hotels in London

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hannahthespanner Tue 20-Sep-11 11:54:47

Hi all, we are looking to take our two boys (5 & 7) to London for a night/2 days in the Oct half term. Does anyone know any good family friendly hotels that don't cost the earth? Also any advice/tip would be lovely! Thanks

mummymeister Thu 22-Sep-11 13:35:08

See other threads. you could spend days trawling the internet for "London " hotels some of which are miles away/not very convenient for travelling around. The concept of child friendly in London is not the same as elsewhere in the UK!! we stay in travelodges/travel inns in central London. the kids won't care what the hotel is like but it means you are near everything for the days out which is what they will care about. these places throw in free kids breakfasts and at least you know what you are getting. before we did this we stayed in some real dives that cost more/as much so now we just go for one near where we want to be and spend our money on days out. Hit the free museums - kids will be there all day and take a spiral pad and pencils for each of them and get them to write down/draw fascinating facts. keeps them busy and gives you time to look as well as providing something to look at after the trip.

hannahthespanner Wed 28-Sep-11 13:20:33

thanks mummymeister

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