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December break

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We (2 adults and two teen girls) would like to go away just before Christmas. We were thinking of Poland as a possibility but now think we'd rather stay in the UK, thus saving on air fares and hopefully getting a nicer hotel for our money.

We wondered about London - but is there anywhere nice to stay that isn't either a travelodge or fiendishly expensive. We'd maybe want to see a show too - any recs?

Another idea is maybe Edinburgh but does anybody else have any good suggestions please?


Hopeful bump....

Once more for luck?


kellestar Tue 20-Sep-11 21:30:22

How about Bath?? Lovely at christmas and some hotels do some great offers on rooms. The baths are lively in the evening, open air one gives a different view of Bath. Christmas Market is on by the Abbey and they often have an ice rink set up in queens square. Panto season at the theatre royal.

Thank you. I love Bath and certainly hadn't thought of it. Any nice hotels? Would rather do proper theatre or a musical, rather than panto though.

kellestar Tue 20-Sep-11 21:41:36

I live nearby but don't pay much attention to the names of the hotels. Will check on saturday as there is a lovely one I walk past when heading into town.

Bristol Hippodrome sometimes have a different show on. But might be another panto, we do so love our panto's smile


Thanks again. The girls are at that age where they are too old to just take childish pleasure in a panto and too young to view it ironically!

Any more from anybody else, please?

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