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staying near Blackpool

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kiwibella Wed 14-Sep-11 14:43:08

my plans are very vague at the moment but hoping that my family will be able to take a long weekend for the first weekend of October half-term. I am hoping that we will be able to take in the Blackpool Illuminations and Pleasure Beach (Nickelodeon). I would also like to visit Southport.

What are some suggestions for where to stay. I don't know yet whether we will base somewhere and make day trips or move about. Really, I'm happy to consider anything right now. Is the Lake District might be too far to travel back to this area for a day?

Our budget won't be enormous. We could stay at B&B or hotel. Just looking for ideas and recommendations.

Deesus Thu 22-Sep-11 20:32:31

You can get to the Lake District and back in a day (I'm from Blackpool and we used to visit the lakes quite a bit) but it will be a pretty long day. Much better to stay somewhere closer if you want a nice long weekend in the area.

In Blackpool the B&B's can be a bit hit and miss to say the least. You can get some fab bargains but would definitely get a personal recommendation if possible.

A better idea might be to stay at a small hotel or B&B in Lytham St Annes - it's just up the lovely there. Also it's at the south shore end of Blackpool (handy for getting to the pleasure beach and the lights) but it's also the right side of Blackpool if you want to drive down to Southport for a day.

Hope you have a nice time! smile

kiwibella Fri 23-Sep-11 12:48:55

thank you so much, Deesus! I'll look up Lytham St Annes. That sounds like a good recommendation.

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