London in December, 3 dc's

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greedygoose Sun 11-Sep-11 14:22:33

Any suggestions for hotels (pref Tesco voucher ones..) with babysitting if poss and we want to go to the Lion King, is it awesome?

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mummymeister Tue 13-Sep-11 15:11:55

go for a travelodge/ premier inn. unless you can afford a really top end hotel there isnt much difference between these and an ordinary one. we always stay around kings cross because it is on a good bus, tube and train route. they do free breakfast for your kids as well. would personally steer clear of shows unless you have a big bank account! we looked at going with our 5 and it was almost £300. go to the museums instead. we spent a day at the science museum and one at the natural history. we also went to the Ripley gory museum in London late in the evening as a treat. look also at the take5 websites because not many places do one room for 5 of you.(unless you have a child under 2/in a cot) Hamleys toy shop always good. not sure if you will find anywhere that does babysitting and if you do please post it so we can all share it! If you want to see something like lion king wait til it does a provincial tour and then go there - cheaper tickets and accom.

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