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Northern Ireland itinerary

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javo Tue 30-Aug-11 12:12:59

Coming with my 18 year old DD to Belfast for 3 nights in a couple of weeks. Getting an early plane there and late one back to England so will have most of those days too. I am from NI but except for flying visits for funerals and to look after elderly relatives have not been back and able to get out and about for over 20 years.

My DD wants to go to the Giant's causeway and Carrick - a -rede - Are those coach trips any good and do you get long enough at the GC or are you dragged to gift shops and lots of "phot ops" along the route? - should I hire a car instead?

Thought to do the "wheel" at the city hall, visit the crown, let DD loose in the shops (Have heard they are great now) on one of the other days and then maybe on the arrival and leave days do the Botanic gardens and ulster museum and the Folk museum. Does that sound like a good plan - or should I head for Newcastle and Tullymore etc?

Any recs of where to eat -we are veggies and not great cheese fans- would like an alternative to Pizza Express.

Any thoughts welcome thanks

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