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Nice (smallish) park with lodges or caravans for sale, near Norfolk of Suffolk coast?

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triathlonmum Sun 14-Aug-11 19:22:16

Hi - toying with the idea of investing in a little holiday place near the sea....but don't want to spend hundreds of thousands on a cottage so considering a caravan or lodge. Does anyone own one, know of a nice place or have any other advice?

SherlockHolmes Sun 14-Aug-11 22:00:09

Well I live in the area, but I have to say that buying a caravan will never be an investment; their value drops year by year, making your holidays relatively quite expensive. I've looked at chalets, which are often about £40K, but don't seem to have varied in price for several years, so they may well increase in price. Rightmove often have lodges and chalets on their website (search by lowest price first) so maybe you can find something there? If you need any advice on particular areas then just shout!

triathlonmum Sun 14-Aug-11 22:20:19

Thanks Sherlock - I had also spotted this depreciation looking at a couple of sites, and wondered whether we'd be better just booking weekends away as and when...not the same as having your own place with the buckets and spades in though?! I'll look at chalets, good tip on Rightmove, may well come back to ask about areas. We're thinking of having a look round at half term...

VivaLeBeaver Sun 14-Aug-11 23:15:16

A friend of mine has just sold her static in Yorkshire. Cost her over 30k not many years ago, 3 or 4 years. In perfect condition, etc. She got 11k for it! It's worth far more than that but people aren't buying. That's the money she got from the park for it, they'll sell it on for nearer the 30k Mark for sure.

Remember park fees can be expensive. Plus some parks have been known to declare that people's vans are too old to be allowed on site anymore. So they either have to buy new ones or find a different site.

Pancakeflipper Sun 14-Aug-11 23:20:57

Viva is right - check out clauses in the contract. My in-laws have a static and their site is only for 12 caravans and they cannot have a caravan older than 10 yrs on the site. It obviously looks a lovely site and they use it nearly every weekend and it's not an investment to them - it's their treat.

triathlonmum Mon 15-Aug-11 20:53:23

Hmmm - thanks for the injection of realism! After research and your thoughts I'm thinking we're going to have to stick to camping :-(

SherlockHolmes Tue 16-Aug-11 12:11:16

Just a thought, but you could try to buy a beach hut in your preferred area? That way you could leave all your beach stuff there, along with a camping stove for making a cuppa etc. Although these are still expensive they do seem to hold their value and are not as much as to fork out in the first place. I'd love one as I hate all of that lugging stuff down to the beach; but as we've just bought a campervan I think it's pretty unlikely!

triathlonmum Tue 16-Aug-11 23:12:52

Lucky you - a camper van! Love to hear how that works out, is it comfy for sleeping etc?

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