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Half term break

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Willabywallaby Tue 09-Aug-11 22:44:31

I'm looking for recommendations/ideas for October half term. I did want to get some sun, but really it's too expensive. Would spend up to £1000 for the week.


pointydog Wed 10-Aug-11 10:04:25

I'd go abroad with that budget

Willabywallaby Wed 10-Aug-11 13:51:15

I can only find things for at least £2000, there are 4 of us, 2 adults and a 3YO and 6YO.

JelliBelli Wed 10-Aug-11 18:03:32

Which airports would you want to use if you can get abroad?

Willabywallaby Wed 10-Aug-11 18:40:32

Best for us is Bournemouth, otherwise Bristol or Gatwick, in that order.

mummymeister Wed 10-Aug-11 21:29:41

Not sure where you are coming from but we stay at Wringworthy Holiday cottages in Cornwall. its on the south east coast that isnt as busy as other bits and we usually find plenty to do. Would definately be within your budget. we went to North Wales for oct half term last year and it was great.

Willabywallaby Wed 10-Aug-11 22:25:37

We live in Dorset.

Willabywallaby Thu 11-Aug-11 22:55:42

pointydog where would you suggest abroad, and JelliBelli do you have any thoughts?

I checked out Wringworthy and they're definitely an option, although my boys do like a pool. We stayed in Longcombe cottages at Easter and the best bit for them was the pool. It was small but they're not huge.

JelliBelli Thu 11-Aug-11 23:39:26

I am going to suggest Jersey as I think it's got lots to offer and may be warmer and it always feels like you have gone abroad even though you haven't. My caveat would be to check to see how much is open as i think it might be the tail end of the season. A call to the tourism people would soon sort that out.

I have assumed that you are on holiday the last weekend in October (live north of the border and we have different holidays - so many apologies if I am wrong).

Jersey can be a bit £££ but you could go Condor ferries Sun 23 Oct dep Poole 1pm and rtn Sat 29 Oct into Weymouth at 3.05pm for £290 inc your car.

You can stay at Hotel de Normandie for £624 B&B in family room and has a pool in the hotel. I have never been there though....

Jersey will also be having their 'Tennerfest' in October (fixed menu for £10). Good luck with finding something. I love window shopping for holidays.

Willabywallaby Fri 12-Aug-11 20:31:50

Will definitely look at Jersey, but would rather self catering. Thanks

Willabywallaby Fri 12-Aug-11 20:33:15

The other thing I was thinking was that we have about £150 in tesco vouchers so if we could go somewhere that takes them it would be a bonus. I think the ferry to the Isle of Wight does.

loulou4 Tue 06-Sep-11 14:00:02

I'd head for somewhere like Cornwall, where there are loads of things to do no matter what the weather. St Ives / Carbis Bay are particularly good as they enjoy the mildest weather in the UK (don't get frosts or anything) - beaches are gorgeous, there are loads of farm parcs, tin mines, and so much more to keep the children occupied nearby, and of course the lovely little branch train that the kids all love! Tesco's vouchers could come in very useful for days out or meals out - Flambards, Eden Project, maybe Seal Santuary, I think they take them, etc. £1,000 is a good budget for October half term. You should be able to find a very nice cottage or apartment for that as prices are nowhere near the summer hols prices. Tregenna Castle in St Ives has self catering houses (as I'm sure do other hotels), - with great swimming pool & play area for the kids. Alternatively you could get a self catering place nearby and pay a small fee for use of Tregenna's pool & leisure club . (that's what we do - try ) . If you do decide to go to Jersey (also recommended! definately plan a day to the Zoo - it is FANTASTIC! only stayed in hotels there so can't recommend any self catering)

AndiMac Tue 11-Oct-11 21:31:59

Watching this thread with interest as our budget is about the same and we are limited to the UK as passports are in to get visa renewal stamps.

Willabywallaby Tue 11-Oct-11 22:22:13

DH now has tickets to go to the American Football game at Wembly on the first Sunday of half term, so we're not going anywhere!

I'll be staying with his Aunt in Surrey over the first weekend, have sent off for Legoland vouchers with clubcard. But otherwise we'll be heading to his Mother's for the rest of the week. Along with his sister and her DCs....

Ah well.

But I'm now looking for the June half term! grin

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