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Ideas of places to visit in and around Mwnt, Cardigan

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sazlocks Sun 07-Aug-11 21:43:19

Off to stay near Mwnt nr Cardigan with DH and 3.5 year old and 18 month old DSs in a couple of weeks. Just gathering a few ideas of places to go - ideas gratefully received. Have been before so will go back to Welsh Wildlife Centre, New Quay, Mwnt beach, Honey Farm etc but wondering about other nice places and anywhere good for bike hire, sea fishing for DH ? Thanks

Asparaguses Mon 08-Aug-11 13:32:38

We have just come back from that area. Are children are similar ages.

Ment beach itself is gorgeous. We also went to Penbryn beach which ha AMAZING shells to collect at low tide. I am not sure why the shells are so much better there but they are. The car park is a bit of a walk from teh beach so know that you can drop the kids at the beach and drive back-up to park. Poppit sands is great for rock pooling and even in wuite cold weather we found the kids would amuse themselves for hours in wet suits looking for crabs. Poppit is quite exposed though so it is colder.

Just before the Poppit Sands car park is a pub called the Webley. It has a little garden overlooking teh estuary and the we loved taking the kids there for a sunny evening meal.

Our two love castles and Cilgerran castle is stunning. Its very near the Wildlife Centre.

We took a boat trip out from Cardigan. It was with a company called Bay To Remember. The boats are small, low to the water, high speed inflatables. I thought the kids might be scared but they loved it. We say dolphins and seals and it was great, however it also cost a fortune and I later found there were much cheaper (if more sedate) boat trips operating regularly from New Quay.

One coldish day we went to Castlle Henlys Iron Age Settlement. It was a lovely walk and they have rare breed pigs which the girls loves. They also have little iron age houses with story time and activities inside. One even had an open fire. It was a nice way to spend a cold morning.

We like the town of Aberaeron. All the houses are different colours so the kids think its Balamory. There is a lovely gastro pub called the Harbour Master which is worth booking in advance.

If your husband wants activities look at Fforest activities in Cargidan. They probably have a website. They do coasterring and sea kayaking, bush crafts and rock climbing etc. When the kids are older we will def use them.

If you find more good things to do let me know. We have to go every year to see the In Laws and I am always looking for new activities.

Asparaguses Mon 08-Aug-11 13:33:11

Our children, not Are children blush.

sazlocks Mon 08-Aug-11 14:25:58

Fab post - thank you. Getting excited now ! Will post again with more ideas for places when we get back :-)

pengymum Mon 08-Aug-11 14:54:28

we have just come back from there too, weather not brilliant but not complaining. We visited the Shire horse farm near the Castle Henllys Iron Age Settlement. Is not very big BUT we had a lovely day there. There are lots of things to do with young children and older grandparents - a nature trail that is not too strenuous, a small play/picnic area with pedal cars and track, a sand barn, 2 trampolines and swings. Also another picnic area with big climbing frame. Also have pigs, sheep, horses (and a new foal) calves - can feed these at feeding time. Birds of prey demos, tractor ride round the farm and a horse and carriage ride (if the horse is feeling cooperative!). As well as demonstration of harnessing up the shires.

We liked the fact it was not too big and crowded. Also these things are all included in the entry price so nothing to pay on top, unlike some places. Staff are lovely, there is an indoor soft play area too and a small cafe and gift shop.
Is great for younger children and toddlers. I would say primary school age really although 13 yr old did enjoy it too. Can camp there too as they have some camping fields also have holiday cottages too I think.

We love it the Cardigan area and have been back several times now. We stayed in Brongwyn Cottages - SC but also have camping/caravan facilities. We like the fact that there is a small indoor pool, gym, sauna and steam room on site, as well as beautiful location. If weather is not too brilliant, we spend the day quite happily in the pool area.
We like is the fact that it is not overcrowded with tourists and queues. You can visit loads of different beaches.

JustMyType Sun 14-Aug-11 08:43:37

Also just back from there. We did Cilgerran Castle, Castell Henlys, a walk around Llys y fran Reservoir, Poppit Sands (because it's dog friendly), trip to St Davids to the cathedral and the Bishops Palace, and Cardigan Island Coastal Park. All were good and cheap!!

VivaLeBeaver Sun 14-Aug-11 15:06:01

I've just come back from a week in Pembs and we came over to cardigan to go out with bay to remember on a boat trip. It was really good. Folly farm near Tenby is very good, would maybe be about 40mins from cardigan, more than just farm animlals, lots of zoo type stuff like lemurs and giraffes, meerkats.

sazlocks Tue 16-Aug-11 14:12:04

Thanks all - much appreciated

wearymum200 Wed 17-Aug-11 21:59:31

Folly farm, St david's (nice teashops/ cafes), Whitesands beach, castles at Pembroke, Tenby. Botanic gardens of Wales near Carmarthen (a bit of a trip)

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