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Self-catering in north Cornwall

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MrsMilton Wed 03-Aug-11 13:00:21

Can anyone recommend anywhere in the Padstow area for a really nice self-catering holiday? Near the beach, 2 beds, garden, no stairs - that's my wish list! Everyone raves about this part of the country and we've never been, would love to have our first bucket and spade holiday there with DS (18 months) smile

SaffronCake Wed 03-Aug-11 13:48:20

When you say near to the beach what does that mean to you? To some people it means you can fall out of your door and you're on a beach, to others it means not driving ore than 30 mins. Also when you say near Padstow, define near in that sense?

MrsMilton Wed 03-Aug-11 14:07:31

By near the beach, I guess I mean walking distance - or no more than 10 mins in the car. And by near Padstow, I mean within about 20 mins driving.

I could be very naive about this though as I realise we have left it late - looking to go early September. In reality, I would scratch my wish list for anything nice in Cornwall suitable for toddlers!

If you have a suggestion, please share!

MrsMilton Wed 03-Aug-11 14:09:25

Ah, just noticed on the other thread that you are from Cornwall - the fount of all knowledge then! I've been googling places and have found a lovely spot in Polzeath - what's that like? Also Bude - would you recommend?

Pootles2010 Wed 03-Aug-11 14:14:43

How strict is your no stairs restriction? We went to the most fantastical place in Bude. You can see the sea, i think you can walk down to it, it has pool, tennis, alpacas, and the bestest thing is they have everything you can possibly need.

We took ds when he was 8 weeks, they lent us baby bath, towels, they also have stair gates, push chairs, everything you need for beach - wind breaks, deck chairs, etc etc.

It is not the most trendiest of places, looks like it was decorated in 90s and not done up since, but very cosy and clean etc. Main thing for us was they had everything you need.

Pootles2010 Wed 03-Aug-11 14:21:12

But Bude generally is really lovely, as is Padstow. Think Padstow extremely expensive though!

If you go to Bude, there is a lovely place called 'life's a beach' which is laid back surfers cafe during day, and nice rather posh restaurant at night.

Near the place I linked to is Widemouth bay, which i would heartily recommend, very nice beach indeed. V jealous - enjoy your holiday!

Ormirian Wed 03-Aug-11 14:27:27

Trevone Bay is nice. Near Padstow but better beach.

SaffronCake Wed 03-Aug-11 17:25:15

Polzeath is my beach of first choice with a baby, pre-schooler or primary schooler. In September it wont be all quite as busy but it'll still be far from empty. There probably really isn't anywhere in Polzeath or New Polzeath that isn't walking distance to the beach. At Trebetherick, St Minver or a few of the other places that swear they're walking distance to Polzeath just check it on Google Maps first, I don't know about you but I'm not counting 2 miles as "walkable" with a tired out baby and sand in your bikini. Polzeath is top money, expect to pay. That said, it's very nice and good for access to, well everywhere else nice (Eden Project and Newquay also drivable). The beach is unusually shallow, meaning your kids have to go a long way out before they are out of thier depth, and because of the angle to the sea there are generally pretty safe sea conditions (it's lifeguarded anyway). Rockpools are to be found around the edges, the view from the beack is attractive and there's a stream the kids (or Daddy) can dam. If you can afford Polzeath be sure your accomodation has parking, it is an issue. Do not be temped to save a bit and stay somewhere without parking, you will stress yourself right out. And if you forget to bring nappies down with you or something else there are small shops (nothing garish though) just off the beach that do stock practical things like nappies as well as the ubiquitous trinkets and surf wear.

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