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Ideas wanted for city break with 2 babies, in May, not too far North.

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SaffronCake Wed 03-Aug-11 11:24:39

In May my babies will be 19 months and 7 months and I'd like a few days away by car. I'm not sure yet if my partner can come away so for now I'm assuming it'll just be me and the little ones. As we live in Cornwall beach or coast holidays are wasted on us but I still don't want to drive too far.

London feels like far too much effort since I'd be taking the car and perhaps probably better saved for when they're old enough to appretiate the historic attractions and the shows, or is it?

Cardiff crossed my mind, but then I've heard it's not the nicest of cities with a baby. Also Cardiff seems to promote itself on it's proximity to castles, Cornwall has plenty of castles. So I'm not sure what to expect of Cardiff?

Then I thought about Bristol. It's conveniently near, I've never been there and there's bound to be lots to do. What though with 2 little ones?

I keep thinking about a previous break in York when my eldest was 6, which was great and I'm sure it'd suit the babies, but York is just too far to drive. London or Cardiff really would be the maximum I'd be prepared to go from here.

Or... The wildcard... Fly to Edinburgh? Is Edinburgh worth the hassle of taking 2 babies on the plane? Or will I just get irritated with wall to wall American tourists?

All ideas welcome.

Thefoxsbrush Wed 03-Aug-11 21:00:25

I think you should go for Edinburgh as it is completely different to Cornwall. There have never been too many American tourists when I've been.

Edinburgh has a lot of holiday apartments to let which may be more suitable than a hotel room.

You can walk around the city pretty easily and spot a few men in kilts playing bagpipes as you wonder the streets. There is a large park/green space in the middle of the city centre, the majestic Edinburgh castle and the zoo of course.

Bunbaker Wed 03-Aug-11 21:03:20

What about Bath?

piprabbit Wed 03-Aug-11 21:08:03

Does it have to be a city break - do you fancy hitting the shops?

Otherwise I'd think about going to somewhere like Longleat, with maybe a day in Bath having a potter round.

SaffronCake Thu 04-Aug-11 12:47:34

I don't know anything about Bath at all. I'd be interested to find out though if anyone would like to educate me a bit?

I think it probably will have to be a city break. Our daily life takes advantage of the coast and country so much it's been a bit more-of-the-same when we've been on the usual relaxing nice holidays. So for a change I think we'd all like to run for the bus/tram/tube, visit some museums/galleries/theatres, shop like poser fashionistas (but not too much) and just generally be over-excited. Most people need to wind down, we need to wind it up I think.

The fashionistas comment makes more sense if I tell you I also have a big-girl, aged 12 by then but I'm pretty sure any city with clothes shops would suit her perfectly! I'm more worried about finding a city which can be enjoyed with the babies. I don't know much about what might or might not be found to do with babies in cities.

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