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Dorset for a few days juts me and the DCs. Any recommendations please?

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mckenzie Sun 31-Jul-11 17:29:03

DH has a big computer server job to do at work that will require him working through the night for a few days so he has suggested that the DCs and I go away for a few days so that he can just work flat out and get it done as easily as possible. Far be it for me to say no!!
So, we fancy Dorset, maybe near Chesil Beach. The Dcs loved crabbing last year in Cornwall, love cycling (I can fit their bikes into the car but not mine) and we will probably eat out as we're only going for a few days. I'd be happy with a caravan as long as it was a nice one without a boozy club house. But likewise, a hotel would be okay. I dont want an isolated cottage though as I'll be without adult company smile. As I've left it quite late it might be that I'm better contacting the tourist board and just seeing what's available I guess.

Any ideas/tips please?


mckenzie Sun 31-Jul-11 20:31:14


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