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Ardnamurchan area... ideas please...

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bea Tue 26-Jul-11 17:04:27

a general plea for anyone who knows the area... will be up there in a couple of weeks... have a place rented by Loch Sunart and am throroughly looking forward to it... (but not the midges!)

i think we won't have wi-fi! (help!) so am trying to gather up all the knowledge now!

ideas for interesting places to visit.. (will have my parents in tow so nothing tooo exciting!) interesting areas to visit?

really good places to eat? pubs? cafes? or even maybe a fancy place where me and dh could escape to for a fancy meal??? (we love seafood!!!!)

ideas as to where we could hire a boat? (dh and df are very keen sea fishermen)

Good places to get really good food? nice delis? bakeries? seafood? (we think with our stomachs ... and look like it too!!!)

Good beaches for rock pooling? (dc 10, 7 and 4)

just anything useful!.... thank you in advance!!!!

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