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What's Chessington World of Adv like compared to legoland and the onsite hotels?

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clottedcream Thu 21-Jul-11 17:23:51

fancy doing thi rather than legoland this year. never been any advice?
Just like the fact we can drive in leave car and stay on site. WE have a DS age 6

Lizcat Fri 22-Jul-11 13:39:47

The rides are still all almost all suitable for this age group, I think last summer DD (now7) was only unable to ride the Cobra. There is also a Sea Life centre and the zoo section. On balance I think we prefer Chessington to Legoland, but then I have a girl who does not want to do the driving, firefighter or boat driving. We have been in the hotel, but it is right there in the forward car park so very close. Though not as close as the new hotel will be at Legoland.

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