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Can anybody talk to me about Tenby?

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PassTheTwiglets Mon 11-Jul-11 14:01:39

I'm wondering about parking... the cottage I'm looking at has no parking but ther'es a multi-storey nearby which is cheap (near Sainsburys, apparently). If we are looking to go the last week in August, are we likely to be able to get spaces in the multi-storey or is it pretyt much full all the time?

Also, if Tenby is pedestrianised in the summer months, will I be bale to drive to and from the carpark? I'm not sure if this near-Sainsburys-carpark is within the pedestrianised walled town?

Thank you!!

sparrowfart Wed 20-Jul-11 00:01:42

Hello Twiglets
The multi storey is NOT within the walled town so you should be able to get to it no problem. Have taken many day trips to Tenby as we live in Pembs and always managed to get a space, though you may have to go up to the higher levels and there isn't a lift, bit of a PITA with a pushchair but not too bad. Hope this helps a bit. Enjoy your holiday!

Kladdkaka Fri 22-Jul-11 00:19:52

Sparrowfart is right, there are always spaces so long as you don't mind using the upper levels. I love Tenby, been there on holiday every year since I was a child. Best place on eath methinks.

MumsMan Sat 23-Jul-11 05:59:59

That car park is Ok but the one near the beach becomes horrendous during school holidays.

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