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Getting into Central London from Heathrow with 6 person family/kids and lots of luggage

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Chucky99 Thu 07-Jul-11 02:59:18

I am travelling into London Heathrow from Hong Kong with my family. 4 Adults and small children. 6 suitcases, 1 stroller, or so all in all. Apart from the tube, train or bus are their any reasonably priced option for getting into Kensington without hiring 2 mini cabs, or 2 black cab's? Help pls.

Parietal Thu 07-Jul-11 04:41:22

Call mini cab co & book people carrier taxi? Addison Lee would do that.

clottedcream Thu 07-Jul-11 09:32:47

def cab it

CoffeeIsMyFriend Thu 07-Jul-11 09:33:52

second Addison Lee.

mummymeister Thu 07-Jul-11 16:50:40

lots of cab companies now offer 7 seaters which gives space for you and luggage. suggest you do this - tube, etc not fun with littlies when you are tired and just want to be there. some of the mini bus co's offer this service as well.

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