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Hoburne Naish, Hoburne Bashley

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paddypoopants Wed 06-Jul-11 18:50:51

Anybody been to either of these? Is one better than the other? We have to go to Hampshire to see family in September and as it's a long trek for us (DS is 3). We're looking for somewhere cheapish for a week. These places get good reviews so just looking for advice really.

purplepidjin Wed 06-Jul-11 19:01:04

Both lovely but I haven't stayed there I live here! Worked for Naish after A levels.

Naish is right on the cliff top so easy beach access. It's also closer to "proper" shops. Bashley's more into the forest, you'd need a car for sure but bus links round here are pretty rubbish

Shorefields has the best swimming pool btw but again need a car to get out and about.

All three are at least a couple of miles from a train station or big supermarket

How long are you coming for? You might get a good rate on a holiday cottage as it's end of season?

paddypoopants Wed 06-Jul-11 21:56:14

Thanks a lot purplepidjin. - We want to go for a week in the middle of September. We'll have a car as we're driving down from Scotland. I hadn't looked at Shorefields but off to investigate now- ds is big into swimming.

purplepidjin Wed 06-Jul-11 22:12:49

Hordle and Highcliffe have Premier Inns, and there are lots of lovely little B&B's in places like Barton, Milford, Mudeford.

I've only lived here 30 years grin what do you want to know?

paddypoopants Thu 07-Jul-11 10:46:00

where are the best beaches? What's good to do with a three year old? Apart from Peppa Land or whatever it's called. We usually try to do as much as possible to keep ds amused and on the go- he's not one of those kids that will sit quietly for extended periods so long lazy pub lunches are out unfortunately.

purplepidjin Thu 07-Jul-11 13:48:21

Keyhaven to go crabbing - there's a shallow stream running to the sea, bag a spot by the bridge. Highcliffe Castle is the sandiest beach before you get all the way into Bournemouth, not sure a 3yo would tolerate looking round but they have a lovely cafe for afternoon tea and icecream grin

The Adventure Wonderland is supposed to be fab, up by Hurn Bournemouth Airport. Also, have a go at ski-bobbing or ringo's at Matchams - tobogganing on an artificial ski slope. Soft play is Serendipity Sam's just outside Christchurch. If you're straying further afield, have a day on the steam trains at the Watercress Line.

We've got DNephew (nearly 4) coming to stay for a few days next month, we're thinking about: hire a boat and putter up river from Christchurch to Tuckton; day trip (or possibly overnight in the campervan) to the Isle Of Wight; Raptor and Reptile Centre in Ringwood; kite flying up at Wilverley Plain (in the forest)

Plus showing him off to all my mates who have kids wink

paddypoopants Thu 07-Jul-11 17:48:13

Ooh this is fab - thanks. My sil who we are going to visit has just recently had her first dc and so isn't really clued up on the sort of non-stop entertaining a 3 year old needs. Have just looked up Adventrue Wonderland and it does indeed look great.
Thanks a million for all this. Hope you enjoy your DNephew's visit.

purplepidjin Thu 07-Jul-11 23:26:22

He should be coming the 2nd week in August - feel free to PM me after to see what was a success or not.

I've lived round here for all nearly-thirty years of my life, I was homesick the entire time I was at uni, so please feel free to ask grin I might even know some of the answers!

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