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Farm holidays??

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Kelly28 Tue 05-Jul-11 20:12:07

I would like to stay somewhere where the kids can to some extent 'muck in'. Ive been on but frankly its not what I want as they seem to be just accomdation on or near farms.
Any ideas?
This is the best ive come up with and sounds brilliant but all booked up for dates I want.

cer100 Wed 13-Jul-11 23:40:18

Farmstay is good - some farms have more animals than others. You could ring their office and ask for those with farm activities.
If you can't get a farm with activities there are two really good petting farms near Beverley in Yorkshire and there are quite a few farmstay places around there. My favourite place is, they are mostly booked up but do have a couple of gaps left.

mummymeister Thu 14-Jul-11 13:58:39

Have a look at Cartwheel website we have used them before and they offer not only the whole farm experience but places like Wringworthy holiday cottages where we have been several times and they have farm animals around. Kids mucking will be a big issue due to health and safety so you might have to compromise on what you are looking for. what dates are you looking for? If it is school summer hols then it might be a bit late. worth thinking about for next year though.

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