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Where to stop on the way to Cornwall from Manchester?

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Lizzietow Tue 05-Jul-11 16:04:58

Hi all! Well we've booked a lovely cottage in Cornwall for a week in September, but as it's a 5 hour+ drive, with an 11 month old baby, I was thinking we need to stop a couple of times.
Any ideas where we can stop on the way? My partner always wants somethng "prettier" than a service station!
Thanks :-)

CMOTdibbler Tue 05-Jul-11 16:10:30

J7 of M5, follow signs to Worcester country park (5 min off motorway), cafe and play area

Or Cribbs Causeway is a good place to stop as theres a softplay bit and lots of choice of places to eat

CroissantNeuf Tue 05-Jul-11 16:16:00

I agree with CMOT about the Country Park on the outskirts of Worcester -I particularly recommend their carrot cake grin

Lizzietow Tue 05-Jul-11 16:19:56

Oh very good tip - thanks!

Ponders Tue 05-Jul-11 16:25:50

Or there is Slimbridge, off the M5 S of Gloucester - lots of lovely ducks smile

We stopped there once on the way from Dorset to Lancashire - it's great for kids.

Ponders Tue 05-Jul-11 16:26:34

(not free admission though)

Lizzietow Tue 05-Jul-11 20:35:27

Oh wow that looks good, too- thanks.

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