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Holiday suggestions - first time with a baby

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mimmymouse Sun 03-Jul-11 12:09:19

Help! Suggestions required!

We want to take a weeks holiday in August with our DD who will be 8 months old. Don't want to cook/clean etc but am a bit wary of hotels as DD will need to sleep in the evening etc.

Ideas from experienced Mums rather welcome.


mummymeister Mon 04-Jul-11 16:17:08

Self catering is the way to go with a newby but August? why go in school hols unless you really have to because the price then will be double what it is outside of school hols. can you make it first week in sept. you will be really shocked at the difference it costs. Try and find somewhere that has a decent TV, DVD and may be offers home cooked meals for you to just re- heat. also many places now take internet shopping saves you having to lug the nappies with you. We stay at Wringworthy holiday cottages in Cornwall and they have all the baby stuff like cots and high chairs included. don't have a current price list from them so suggest you check their site directly. Also have stayed at Moonfleet Manor (few years ago now) and Bedruthan steps. good luck

headfairy Mon 04-Jul-11 16:20:02

mummymeister speaks sense... we are on our last summer of being able to go when fares are cheaper. It won't last forever!

That said, a villa/apartment is a good bet. Do you want to go abroad or stay here? Plenty of lovely child friendly hotels around the Med in France/Italy. Somewhere with a nice garde/balcony so you and your dh can sit and have a few glasses of wine in the evening.

loulou4 Tue 05-Jul-11 09:54:01

definately self catering. No need to worry when children cry, easy access to food and drink as and when they need it ... put them to bed and relax. agree about internet delivery to make life easier plus some places will offer a daily maid if you really can't be done with tidying up after yourself (at a cost) - or even find a good hotel with self catering apartments / cottages attached - that works wonders, again, you'd have to pay extra for a maid, but hotel facilities/food come in very handy! september is much quieter and much cheaper, as it august bank holiday - if you want august, i'd consider going then as at least the days are a little bit longer - the bank holiday weekend will be busy, but then everyone goes back to work and school so the week is actually very quiet in all the seaside towns / touristy places!

mimmymouse Tue 05-Jul-11 19:01:57

Thank you for your suggestions. I am well aware things would be cheaper in Sept but a week in august is what my DH and I both have off.

Self catering seems to be the resounding recommendation. I hope you all have nice holidays.

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